What stared with only one now turned into four. Now we travel together, share our journey and send a positive message “paws love with no judgement”. I share this message to the world while capturing the love of my four legged companions.

Watson my emotional support dog who stared it all while speeding love and kindness. Kiko joined the family when he was 4 years old. He moved from souther California to eastern Washington. He suffered from anxieties but with the help of Watson he overcame the fear of being in his new home. Harry the cat was adopted from our local shelter. He now loves his two big brothers and enjoys the outdoors.

Watson, Kiko, Harry and now our tiny littlest friend London the hedgehog travel together around the US sharing an adorable unlikely story of odd couples, love and kindness.

My instagram account have become a project of mine Jennifer Medrano the photographer behind it all; because our friends with paws love with out any judgement or care of physical appearances. I have never felt love as pure as the one my four legged friends share for one another and with me.

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